Exclusive design

In Oil Injection Screw Systems, oil has two main roles:

1. Cooling of Air-conditioning unit

2. Lubrication of air-conditioning unit

Since the oil is completely mixed with compressed air in the system and its separation is not done efficiently, there is always oil in the air outlet of the compressor. This oil also damages pneumatic systems and reduces the amount of oil in the compressor unit by reducing the oil level from the compressor. Meanwhile, when the heat of oil and air-conditioning unit goes up, the oil loses its properties and does not perform well for its tasks. On the other hand, it reduces the concentration of oil and easily passes through the filters on its way. Tabriz Aria Compressor Company has expanded its research on this issue and since the end of the first half of 2004, has made two-stage horizontal receivers that:

– Firstly, because of the horizontality of the system, we have increased the cooling surface and kept the oil temperature lower and, as a result, it performs perfect and there is no deterioration and loss of flow in the compressor.

– Due to the two stage decompression, compressed air is mixed in two steps.
Therefore, the output of the compressor, compressed air is oil-less to prevent damage to pneumatic parts and jacks, and using this design, about 2000 references have already been launched in some parts of Iran.