History of Aria Compressor Tabriz Co.



Aria Compressor Tabriz Company started its activities in the field of compressor spare parts manufacturing, such as CV160 and CV250 rotors, and compressor gears, regulator, one-way valve of TST brand and DP7G tools since late 2000’s. And from the very beginning, the quality of the product has been highlighted so that the reputation of the desirability of parts and their demands continues, even now that the company does not produce the above components.



Since the end of the 2001s, the Tabriz Aria Compressor Company has begun to construct folding and body for various machines, especially industrial compressors, by purchasing sheeting machines and their education.



Over time, with the knowledge of the market, we started to build a compressor and started with piston compressors for capacities of 2000-250 liters. Until the end of the year 2003, production and assembly continued on the same routine

آریا کمپرسور



Until then, by acquiring the skills and training of the required additional courses and recognizing the need for the assembly market, the industrial screw oil inject compressor replaced the piston compressors. The first prototype with the exclusive design of Aria Compressor was technically and technologically introduced to the Tabriz International Exhibition in September of same year, welcomed by visitors and sold at the same exhibition.



In order to complete customer orders, by the end of the year 2006, auxiliary equipment such as a tank, water trap and absorbing dryer was purchased from domestic manufacturers. But since the early 2007’s, with the development of the product line and, most importantly, for the speed at work and ensuring the quality and meeting the needs of respectable customers, tanks and accessories were also produced by Aria Compressor.



To complete the full line of compressed air, there were only refrigeration dryers and microfilters that came from foreign countries. Since the end of the year 2007, the Tabriz Aria Compressor Company has carried out a great deal of research and development for the production of refrigeration dryers which is now being produced at Tabriz Aria Compressor Company; Which has received prominent technology and now the staff of the Aria Compressor Company is ready to cooperate with special skills and experience in the field of serving to the craftsmen of our beloved country and with the possibility of producing all compressed air equipment.

CEO Message

In the name of God

Changing the attitude of each company’s and organization’s marketing management towards the customer has made the customer rank first. In the not-too-distant years, the company’s attitude was first developed from within the company or organization, which made the customer sit at the last row. Because the interests of the organization, the profit of the company, and the profit of the shareholders of the company were prioritized, the companies and organizations pushed forward their production policy and goals more towards increasing shareholder profits.

But in the world today, when trade and information and technology boundaries have been removed, companies and organizations have changed their attitude from outside to inside the organization and have defined the customer as their priority, which indicates the importance of the customer.

In each organization, the customer’s demand and what expects from his purchase is the key to success. Certainly, that organization will succeed. The importance to the customer’s demands is to satisfy them and guarantee future purchases from the organization or company, which means more profit for the shareholders and stakeholders of the company. The task of marketing management and the unit under their supervision is to listen to the demands of customers and what needs to be done in achieving the goal.

The assets of the company are not property, central offices, machinery, raw materials, materials during construction, etc. but in fact are its customers.

In today’s world, when customers are considering real change in the quality of goods, companies must care about the quality of their products more than ever. In addition, customers pay more attention to the timely and prompt delivery of purchased goods. That should also be distracted by managers.

According to what was mentioned at the beginning of the article, Aria Compressor Company considers its best and most important assets to the customer, and according to this opinion, the client is in the first rank at the Tabriz Aria Compressor Company.