Compressor type selection

Given that the compressor is the heart of your manufacturing plant, which provides the necessary power to set up the rest of the machinery, its incorrect functioning will cause interruption in the production line, thus be careful to have the right choice.
Consult with us in calculating the compressor capacity. It should be noted that the capacities included in the catalog are in accordance with the conventional conditions and since the compressor’s aeration rate will vary depending on the ambient temperature, height from open seas and the moisture content of the compressor location, it is recommended that the following table be taken into account by the Technical Engineering Department of Arya Compressor Co., Tabriz, to calculate the compressor aeration rate with the availability of the height and humidity of the site.

After selecting and buying a compressor, depending on the amount of air output, you also choose your equipment. The presence of a tank next to the compressor is required because without it density does occur. Water trap separates 25% of moisture and water particles. Primary and secondary micro-filters with a filter hole diameter of 0.1 and 0.01 microns are for separating contaminated oil particles from the compressor. Finally, there is an absorption or chilling dryer for the complete drying of compressed air. In cold and rough areas, where many temperature changes occur throughout the year, we use absorb dryers and refrigeration dryers are used in wet and sultry areas. If the dryer is of an absorbent type, then the filter must also be installed in order to prevent dust particles of absorbent materials (active aluminum) from entering the production line.