Aria Compressor Tabriz Co.

Manufacturer of Industrial Oil Injected Screw Air Compressor

The Aria Compressor Tabriz Company with the assistance and power of Almighty and the assistance of dear authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the sublime shareholders of this company specially Dear Mr. Zargham Zalian and Mr. Majid Sorouri, started its activity with 40 experienced staff and specialist and powerful engineers in 2000 and has been able to offer more than 4000 compressors and compressed air accessories to the artisans.
Aria compressor Tabriz Company has put the dear consumers’ satisfaction in its products priority goals and is one of the biggest manufacturers of compressor and its accessories in Iran having modern scientific experiences and by utilizing the newest up to date technology and knowledge and advanced equipment and also efficient & expert staff. Exporting the products of this company to neighborhood countries such as Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan, shows the quality of manufactured products of this company which could enter the market of these countries and can take stable steps for the progress and glorification of our honored Iran.

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No 2 , First 30 miter St. , South Rajayi industrial town.

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