Screw Compressor


In now a day’s industry, compressor is considered the beating heart of every industrial plants and manufacturing unit. The excellent quality of used parts in each compressor from its function in consumer’s workshop unit is the guaranty of high quality products of that system.

Since the pneumatic systems have been developed and are a growing substitution in various industries such as automotive industry, food industry, packing industry, healthcare industry, textile industry, household appliances, industrial covers and chemical industry and technical, therefore the existence of proper compressor in production line has high importance.

کمپرسور اسکرو
کمپرسور اسکرو


Aria Compressor Tabriz Company presents his manufactured compressor to the market with the TYPHOON brand. The production capacity of this product according to technical table is from 1.2 m3/min to 65 m3/min that each productive range is capable to work in pressures like : 7 bar, 8.5 bar, 10 bar and 13 bar.

Compressor Components

Airend :

It is chosen as the main part of compressor and chosen among the valid global brands such as Gardner Denver by Finland and Aerzen & Rotorcomp by German and for every compressor with specified output discharge we can use brands that have high useful life time and less noise and they will work in low turns and will have less depreciation

After cooler and oil cooler :

The cooling unit of compressor is a radiate that consists of two parts and the large surface of radiate is related to cooling the compressor’s oil and radiator’s small surface is related to the cooling of produced compressed air. The radiator is cooled by a blower fan which locates behind it. The quality of used radiator in compressor is really important, because if the compressor’s oil temperature is low, the depreciation of airend will be less. Therefore choosing a radiator with high quality and capability will cause the long life time of the compressor’s airend.

Electromotor :

The selected electro motors by Aria Compressor Tabriz are related to Motogen and Jemco companies made in Iran that have been designed proportional to our country’s consumption electrical voltage power. The mentioned electro motors have IP55 and are class F . In case of customer’s need to European electro motors, Aria Compressor Tabriz Company can use the European electro motors with customer’s request.

Electrical power unit

The Chassis of electrical power unit is assembled by experienced personnel of this company inside the plant and is installed on the compressor. Also in order to adjust the compressor’s function, the PLC is used. These PLCs are capable of wiring, sequence and registration of several errors.

Power transmission generally is performed in tow ways:


First Method
By the pulling system of belt which accompanies the Taper Lock Bush pulls type and its efficiency is 98% and since it has mechanical belt that prevents the waste of energy and increases the life time of the belt.


Second Method
The direct couple that the housing preservative unit is used in this method and minimizes the vibration.
In both methods based on the compressor’s production capacity and mode of airing’s turn, the engineers of Aria Compressor Tabriz have designed the size of pulling and couplings and after manufacturing and production, make them ready to be installed on the compressor


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